Fitorch MR15 universal flashlight

The Fitorch MR15 is a different type of flashlight than the other members of the family. It offers all the typical Fitorch flashlight characteristics like being IPX-8 waterproof and having a solid aluminum housing but it operates like a traditional torch, without a tactical tail switch. This flashlight is equipped with a centrally positioned switch on the housing like the classic lamp design from Maglite.

With its smooth design and easy operation the MR15 is a very practical torch to be used. Young, old, male or female, everyone will grab this flashlight when available in a convenient place like a kitchen, garage, car and working place. It has just the perfect size and weight balance compared to other traditional torches.

The MR15 is capable of producing a 1200 lumen maximum light output. The dual switch let you select a powerful strobe or cycle through the other light modes. Also the MR15 comes with a high capacity Li-ion battery of 5000 mAh to ensure a long operation per recharge. This makes the MR15 also very suitable during a camping trip or a long hike. This torch features a power indicator to inform you about the current battery capacity when switched on.

This flashlight is the ideal replacement for any multiple D-cell torch unless you are planning to use flashlight as a bat for self defense. In any other case the MR15 might be the flashlight for you. Please take a look this and the other flashlights in the shop area, the MR15 can be yours for € 69.95.

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